Stores Loading up with Xtreme Bass Tackle Baits for 2010

It’s that time of year again where stores start putting their ice fishing tackle away and make the seasonal move to fill the shelves with bass tackle. A couple of stores that carry Xtreme Bass Tackle products have just recently loaded up and are ready to serve your bass fishing needs:

Nautical Mile BP (gas station and tackle shop)

This premier location for both anglers launching at 9 Mile and Jefferson and for Xtreme Bass Tackle products is now filled up. The owners name is Jackie and her location is not only in close proximity to a launch near some of the best early season bass fishing to be had but has a spacious parking lot for easy in and out, plus gas. Just dropped off on Sunday, she has added Mayfly in the drop-shot tube, 4″ tube and 5″ tube to her tackle selection plus a creature bait design in the hottest selling color for the last two years, St. Clair Crayfish.

Another new offering by Jackie is Canadian Licenses. You can put your order in for a Canadian license by 11pm on Thursday and have it sometime Friday afternoon. Here are the rates:

$79.00 – One year Sport
$49.00 – One year Conservation
$10.50 – Sportsmans Card
$23.00 – One day (no Sportsman’s card necessary)
$51.00 – 8 day Sport
$36.00 – 8 day Conservation

Click on this link for a map to Nautical Mile BP

A second store is fully stocked as well:

Al and Bob’s Sports in Grand Rapids, MI

Ben and Tom are well known in the Grand Rapids area for excellent customer service and they too have restocked their shelves with Xtreme Bass Tackle products. Not only do they have the new Mayfly tube and the creature bait in St. Clair Crayfish

Photo of a goby from Muskegon Lake (above) Muskegon Goby tube by Xtreme Bass Tackle (below)

but they have a Michigan exclusive, Muskegon Goby tube designed specifically to match a favorite bass forage on Muskegon Lake. Muskegon Goby is only available at Al and Bob’s or through the Xtreme Bass Tackle on-line or catalog service.

Click on this link for a map to Al and Bob’s

If you’re looking for an on-line shop than look no farther than Elite Rods. They have a great store with Xtreme Bass Tackle products, rods and apparel.

Click here for Elite Rods Website

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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