Making Your Move

Recognizing the time is right to make a move and reach another level in your fishing game plan can greatly raise your satisfaction and enjoyment of the sport. Factors like the affordability of quality equipment, demands of work, personal responsibilities and the time it takes to master various skill levels still leaves windows of opportunity open. Finding the right moment to make a move can be as satisfying as hooking the biggest fish of your life.


The search is always on for better and more affordable equipment. About fifteen years ago I was able to find a graphite rod that was priced $15 to $25 dollars less than comparable rods of equal quality. This find kept me in equipment that I had confidence in which I could afford. It wasn’t until over a decade later that I was able to upgrade into a high quality line of rods when economic conditions made it possible. In both cases my confidence on the water and satisfaction in the sport rose considerably.

Incorporating a new skill can make an entire season an adventure. It’s easy to be comfortable with doing things the way they have always been done but picking up a new skill can be as simple as solving a problem. Fishing a weedy lake can be frustrating, even with weedless presentations. Picking up topwater skills can keep you above the weeds and the fresh visual excitement of the blowup on your bait can be addictive.


Joining a club gave me a way to see how all the time I put into improving my angling ability stacked up against others who have done the same. It was one of the best moves at the time because I found out that I was doing OK plus it began a learning experience with new friends who had made the same move long ago. Years of weeding out inefficiencies in my approach to the sport followed. That led to more success, more enjoyment and less disappointment over the results on the water.

The off season seminar schedule is full of opportunity to pick up new tips, skills or even get some questions answered by professional anglers who have worked through different issues in angling through the shear exposure to the sport and pressure to produce results. During the season another option is to hire a guide and use that trip or trips to expand your understanding of a body of water or range of skills quicker than you could by yourself through trial and error.

The opportunities for growth are as diverse as life itself. What is important is discovering what will make your experience better. The real key is to find the move that matches your lifestyle and go for it.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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