Gobies as a Food Source

At one point in time the emergence of the gobies was touted as the beginning of the end of the world.  Now they have become an integral food source in the Great Lakes.  The following links will take you to several articles detailing the history of the spread of the goby, what were the effects then and what are they now.  One thing for sure is that they are here to stay and fish are looking to them for a meal.  I will also list the Xtreme Bass Tackle tubes that have been designed to imitate the new forage base.

Photo of a goby from Muskegon Lake (above) Muskegon Goby tube by Xtreme Bass Tackle

This article on the Iowa DNR website gives a history on how and where the DNR goby invasion started, how it spread and details about the eating habits and surviveability of the species.


Erie Goby by Xtreme Bass Tackle

Illinois Smallmouth Alliance article which give some history but also some information about gobies as a food source.


St. Clair Goby Premium Laminate

Lake Huron’s New Ecosystem and Foodweb
Spring 2008
– This is a great article explaining the advance of the goby in Lake Huron and how it affected the baitfish population and in turn the salmon plus what the future holds


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