Michigan DNR Black Bass Study

If you haven’t seen this document yet I highly recommend it for a complete read through.

Some of the highlights are:

  • A discussion about the six lake catch and release study
  • Social and economic impact of bass fishing
  • Comparisons made of regulations in other states
  • Abundance, growth rates, and mortality rates

An excerpt from the study:

“…Although it is estimated that there are approximately 20,000 “avid” bass anglers in Michigan, of that subgroup, only about 2,000 regularly compete in bass tournaments. Viewed within the context of all anglers, these data indicate that avid bass anglers constitute 1.25% of Michigan’s 1.7 million anglers, and regular tournament fishers make up only 0.1% of Michigan’s fishing population. Tournament anglers tend to be younger, fish roughly twice as much, belong to a club and perceive themselves as more skilled than non tournament anglers (Wilde et al. 1998). In addition, as compared with non-tournament anglers, competitive fishers place greater importance on catching larger, trophy-sized fish, developing their skills, winning a prize, and enjoying the challenge of the sport. Further, tournament anglers place less emphasis on keeping fish and are more likely to believe that bass released from tournaments survive…”

Black Bass Fishing Seasons in Michigan:

Background, Research Review, and Recommendations

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Fisheries Division
April, 2004


(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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