2010 Grand Rapids Show Premier – The 4″ Muskegon Goby Tube

This is only the second triple laminate tube ever developed and it debuts at the Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids today, March 18. Find it at the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth (#2052) and see the clear and vibrant colors that follow the research done to develop the bait.

Over a couple of seasons Cyrus Ruel has been collecting data on the gobies on Muskegon Lake. It was last year when a trip that Cy took sealed the deal. His field research that day along with some great photography made this design into what we see today.

The triple laminate design incorporates three levels of color or tone. There’s the laminate which carries with it the dominant color with embedded highlights. In this case the dominant color was uniquely designed to match what we were seeing in the photos and description in Cy’s research. This too is a first. The other laminated baits have been able to be done through standard colors in plastic.

The underside of a goby from Muskegon Lake

The belly of the bait incorporates a new direction in matching the tone shown in the belly of the gobies in Muskegon Lake. It uses a “white illusion pepper” base which carries a soft bluish sheen to capture what we are seeing in nature.

The third color element is subtle yet part of the goby and part of the bait. The underside of the tail has a broom color with a flat tone which offsets the stronger colors elsewhere in the design. It’s one of those elements that doesn’t jump out at you but completes the bait with an element the predators are looking for.

You can get this bait at the show this weekend then after that you can still order through Xtreme Bass Tackle or find it exclusively at:


…in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Al & Bob’s Sports website

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