4″ St. Clair Goby – The Return Of…

St. Clair Goby Premium Laminate

The four inch version of St. Clair Goby has been out of production for a couple of years but now it’s back. This is the original version of the bait that followed one of the greats, Emerald Shiner by Reaper Products and it ended up launching a new generation of laminated baits into the forefront of “go to” soft plastics for tournament anglers. The other part of the St. Clair Goby phenomenon was the introduction of new technology as the first five inch laminated tube.

Aside from the sales attraction of the name the productivity on this bait hasn’t changed from it’s introduction. In 2003 we could see the results and its success had a way of getting the word out. Today, we know so much more by tracking results over a long period. The key feature of this design shows during stable weather periods. If the weather stays in a stable pattern for several days or even better, for a week or more, the action on St. Clair Goby is just impossible to beat. A second feature is that it has established itself as a “big fish” bait. Even during unstable weather when the bite slows down on this color it still is able to put the biggest bass of the day in the boat most of the time.

Be the first to get your pack of the re-release of 4″ St. Clair Goby at the Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids starting at 3pm on Thursday, March 18.

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(c) Wayne Carpenter

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