No Secrets on Lake St. Clair Vol. 2

This is the second book in the No Secrets on Lake St. Clair series and it brings a completely different set of information to you with the same powerful format used in No Secrets Vol. 1. At the point this book was published there was five years of Combat Bass Fishing Weekly Newsletter research to draw from. This edition has 40 more pages than the first and goes farther and deeper into how to get the most out of this world class fishery. Spots and GPS coordinates are covered but you can expect to get the best “big water” logistics support and I can give you to manage a variety of conditions the Lake will throw at you and still catch fish. Get this book to gain a deeper understanding of the fishery and put together a plan for your next trip out.


12 More “Hot Spots” – The first chapter takes up where the last book left off and delivers 12 new spots with GPS coordinates and detail for both U.S. and Canada.


  • South Channel Yacht Club
  • Middle Channel Wreck
  • Belvidere Boat Club
  • Harley Ensign
  • Delphine/Windmill Flat
  • Garwood Mansion Grounds

  • Deep Shoals at Askin’s
  • Belle Hump Specifics
  • The Stakes
  • The Horseshoe
  • Mid-Lake Humps
  • A20

The Changing Ecosystem – How low water, high water, zebra mussels, gobys and more affect the system, change the bite and expose hazards
Chasing Mr. Big – It wouldn’t be a No Secrets book without a chapter on big fish. Coverage includes both U.S. and Canadian waters
Boat Handling Techniques – If you are looking to visit Lake St. Clair for the first time this chapter can keep you on fish under a variety of conditions
DNR Research – Get their perspective on the state of the fishery
Security Zones, Rules, Laws and Reality – You can reach three different jurisdictions by boat: U.S., Canada and Walpole.
Wind Management – Don’t let the winds keep you off of fish. Use these techniques to control the boat or avoid the rough areas altogether and still enjoy the best that Lake St. Clair has to offer
The Tournament Game – This chapter has strategies, logistics support and specific tips to help with competitive fishing on the big water
Elusive Largemouth – Their not so elusive when you know where to look. I cover six zones in U.S. water where you can find a reliable largemouth bite
More 5 Minute Spots – Seven spots in U.S. and Canada where you can get in and get out in 5 minutes of fishing. They come in real handy when managing time on the big water
Launch Directory – A directory listing of launches on the U.S. side
Vital Statistics – Handy reference information to help us dial in on big fish, see what the catch rates have been for different species and know more about the status of the fishery
Spirit of Lake St. Clair – Stories and short clips about what it’s like being out there and seeing some strange things
My Testimony

You can order No Secrets on Lake St. Clair Vol. 2 by calling TOLL FREE at (877) 485-2223


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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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  1. ForTheFisherman Says:

    I just found you blog and have been reading your past posts. I really like what you are doing. I will check out your websites next.

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