Things to do…Breaking weather opens up lots of options

The cure for cabin fever has arrived with temperatures climbing into the 60’s and at worst, averaging out into the 40’s. I can remember just two weeks ago of having that desperate feeling of being landlocked without even the hope of rolling the boat out. Without a doubt there will be some unstable weather ahead but one thing is for sure…this isn’t 2009 where it was in the 20’s every single day and it took until nearly May for winter to be over (or at least convince me that it was over).

This was a good day out with Frank on his Xpress

For me, boat issues come to mind first. There are still a couple of spots to finish with the new carpet I installed last year. Instead of trying to do the project and fish at the same time I think I’ll get it done sooner than later. Riding this wave of motivation should make it easier to complete a couple of other updates to the boat. It will make life on the water more comfortable. Oh that’s right…there’s some yard work, bricks on the chimney to fix, a slate patio to finish. All that can be done now too! One must prioritize however and I try to keep a 4 to 1 ratio between fishing and yard work.

Anybody remember this 40 foot booth at the Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids in 2001?

The biggest sports show in the state is coming up in Grand Rapids next week (Ultimate Sports Show Grand Rapids). It is a great opportunity catch up with everyone before we all get busy again plus make a couple of additions to the tackle lineup and attend free seminars with excellent speakers on the topic of our choice. The Xtreme Bass Tackle booth will be there as will the last installment of the Bass to the Future seminars. This seminar is focused on putting as many sources of information on display for you to choose from. We will cover free internet sources, a free download, how to make the most of the tools you have and if you are planning on fishing Lake St. Clair, two new websites that I offer: Fishing Spot Specs and Marked Maps Live!

Thursday, March 18 3:30PM Stage D
Friday, March 19 2:30PM Stage D
Friday, March 19 7:00PM Stage C

If you are not ready to see winter go you can still experience it through the World Championship of Ice Fishing being held this weekend in Rhinelander Wisconsin. From what I’ve learned through Brian Gaber (of Electronic Guide Service) who is hosting the event is that these “ice teams” from 11 different countries are more fanatical than we are as bass anglers. The USA Ice Team is in a position of defending home water and that alone has made it a drama worth following. I’ll include some links to the event below:

NAIFC site with USA Ice Team lineup and article

USA Ice Team website

Event info on Travel Wisconsin

Forum chat about the event on Great Lakes Bass

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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