Smallmouth Confidential – Guide Level Tactics for Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Confidential is a book of proven techniques used for locating smallmouth bass and understanding their habitat and behaviors

This book gives you an inside look into the methods used to understand and find smallmouth bass which have led to the development of the family of Combat Bass Fishing books, information products and high percentage Xtreme Bass Tackle bait designs. It’s my business to put people on fish so along the way I’ve learned to drop methods that are inconsistent in favor of those that produce results. Get father and deeper into the world of smallmouth bass behavior and methods actually used in the field to produce information products that have worked for anglers for more than a decade.


  • Logistical Spots – Some spots are dialed in so tight that one approach, technique or bait will be the most productive over all other choices. Find out how to identify a logistical spot and how to get the best production out of it.
  • Broad Dispersal Zones – There are a completely different set of skills that can make fishing an area instead of a spot more productive. Even when the area is loaded up and the bite is on, getting the biggest weight isn’t guaranteed. This chapter delivers specifics on how to know when you are in a Broad Dispersal Zone and how to handle it.
  • The 10% Solution – Tired of fishing community water? With a few adjustments you can be on a bite that other anglers aren’t even looking for.
  • Eliminating Water – Taking inefficient or dead water out of play can be more important than finding a hot spot when time is limited. No matter if you are on inland waters or the Great Lakes, knowing what water not to fish can keep the focus on the structure or spots which are producing the best.
  • Fishing High Percentage Baits – This is a detailed look into over a decade of bait design and how what I’ve learned can be used with the baits you have now. In this chapter you can identify which baits are working best for you and find out what the dominant colors, action and highlights are. Take that information to remove the non-producing baits out of your lineup now and be able to walk into a store an know exactly what you need in a new bait.
  • How to Collect and Analyze Data – Logging information by any means can add to future success on the water. By delivering information to anglers for over a decade I have found that some types of information is critical and other types not so much. Tighten up the information and you can tighten up your game.
  • Prelude to Reactive Logic – A must read primer for the chapter that follows.
  • Reactive Logic – It doesn’t take long before smallie behavior can begin to influence the decisions we make and take our head out of the game. Break the pattern mold and get back to fishing your strengths by applying your confidence and skills to the changing conditions.
  • Quick Hookups – A listing of tips to cut the learning curve down to size.

Capt. Wayne Carpenter, an accomplished seminar speaker and guide has written the books: No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 1, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 2, Smallmouth Confidential, published the Lake St. Clair Combat Bass Fishing Newsletter for 10 years, published 27 Marked Maps of Lake St. Clair and designed the tube baits: St. Clair Goby™, Erie Goby, Firetiger, Great Lakes Craw™, St. Clair Crayfish™ and Great Lakes Perch™.

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(c) 2018 Wayne Carpenter

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