Trigger or Upgrade The Bite With Bait Profiles

Smallmouth Confidential is a book of proven techniques used for locating smallmouth bass and understanding their habitat and behaviors

Excerpt from the book, Smallmouth Confidential
“Shape (also called profile) can tip the scales in our favor when trying to trigger the bite or upgrade our catch. The bite on a high-percentage color translates well to different profiles. A supply of our top color in a tube, worm, skirted twin tail, drop-shot tube and other profiles can be as effective as the same number of different colors in a single profile. Just like sitting on a hot spot and milking it, sitting on a hot color and milking it by switching profiles can keep the bite going.”

Ken and his son Wells at the Mile Roads on Lake St. Clair

The concept of effectively exploring different bait profiles when applied to a simple adjustment like switching from a 4″ tube to a 5″ tube was nothing new. Since fishing a weekend with Wells Kaiser and his dad Ken on Lake St. Clair the way we understand using profile to trigger or upgrade the bite has never been the same.

The Kaiser’s were visiting one weekend and we were able to spend several days on the water together (they are from Cuba City, Wisconsin). Wells and I fished a tournament and were also able to get in some fun fishing too. Of course we were using Xtreme Bass Tackle baits but one thing stood out over the course of several days: Wells was getting the bigger bite with a 5″ Formula G3. His success made it possible for me to explore other ranges of baits, sizes and colors. A 4″ version of the Formula G3 tube was catching smallies too but the average weight was no where near what the 5″ version was producing. Since the color was working, I switched over to a drop-shot goby version of Formula G3 and proceeded to hook up with good numbers of rock bass. A switch to the drop-shot tube version of Formula G3 starting ringing up smallmouth again and that’s when it became obvious that when you have a “hot color” an expanded use of bait profiles can be a game changer.


4" Tube in Formula G3

5" Tube in Formula G3

Drop-shot Tube in Formula G3

4 inch Skirted Twin Tail Grub in Formula G3

X-worm in Formula G3 - 4 and 5 inch

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