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One advantage of being a small business is that you get direct and immediate feedback about how effective products are performing in the field. The advantage of being a small business customer is that there can be a high level of confidence in the products you are buying because they must be working at some level. The small business cannot survive without a continual pattern of successful sales. That’s the final test I put on the baits I sell. It’s one thing if I can sell a bait once but if the bait sells over and over after the first sale, it’s obvious that people are catching fish with it and want more. To that end I will drop bait colors out of my product line if they aren’t working, even if they are one of my designs. The next thing that follows is to examine how the baits are working so I track and catalog results then build the productive elements into future designs.

NEW FOR 2010
Mayfly™ – This design is the result of filling a forage element gap in the Xtreme Bass Tackle lineup. The research behind this follows with years of observations about the mayfly hatch, seeing the period where bass begin to feed aggressively and on-site notes and photography that catalog various species of mayfly. The bass always seem to begin feeding with enthusiasm once a certain cream/gold colored mayfly emerges. That is the base color for this bait and the rest of the design follows the highlights plus borrows from multiple species of mayfly to give the bass a chance to find something in the bait that they like.

St. Clair Crayfish™ Creature/Beaver – Those of you who know about the background of Xtreme Bass Tackle baits know that if there were one color to chose for a new profile, it would be Canadian Mist. What has happened in the last two years since the introduction of the St. Clair Crayfish tube is that it has begun to surpass Canadian Mist in sales. Last summer the bait sold out in stores and an emergency order was necessary. One unexpected benefit of this color is its ability to “crossover” from smallmouth to largemouth. It was designed for smallmouth but it didn’t take long to see the unguarded aggression largemouth were showing with it. The creature style bait will be perfect for smallies but largemouth anglers both inland on the Great Lakes will likely benefit the most of all.

Muskegon Goby™ – This was a work in progress two years ago but last year the research was finished on it and the development moved to the design stage. The idea of doing this was brought to me by Cyrus Ruel of Grand Rapids and the research he did was exceptionally complete. With further support from Bob Dunlap of Reaper Products the design was finalized and the follow through at the factory was spot on. All the high percentage elements built into my other designs are in this. It is one of the new generation of tri-color laminates with Natural Forage Technology.  This bait is exclusively available at Al & Bob’s Sports in Grand Rapids and Xtreme Bass Tackle.

Great Lakes Perch™ – This too is a next generation tri-color laminated tube with Natural Forage Technology. It took two years to hammer, and I mean hammer out this color and the end result is a combination of base color elements and highlights that are in perfect balance with the color data based on field research. A special thanks goes out to my friend and tournament partner Scott Hayes. It was Scott who put the idea of making this color a top priority, he followed through right down to the last detail and was there the day of the deadline to make the final decision on the design. As with all my colors, Bob Dunlap made it happen at the production level by making sure the design would be the right mix of base plastic and flake combinations to be the bait you see today. This too is a “crossover” bait that largemouth punish.

St. Clair Crayfish™ – Much was said above about the way this color has become a top seller. This was one of the easiest designs I’ve ever attempted because it was based on a single live crayfish found down by Windmill Point. We were catching bass in good numbers but not so much on size that day. Turning them back became routine and after turning one back I noticed a whole crayfish on the boat deck. It had obviously been spit up by the bass but the surprise was that it was whole and that it was still barely alive. Out came the camera and the rest is history. In 2008 Mark Frickman used the drop-shot version of St. Clair Crayfish to secure his FLW victory on the Detroit River as an amateur and brought home $30,000.

Erie Goby – Time spent researching the gobies on Lake Erie led to this design. St. Clair Goby had already established itself as a solid producer and tournament money winner by this point so the research focused on any of the differences between the gobies on Erie and the gobies on St. Clair. I had hit the wall on getting enough samples to make a decision on color when I got the call… Paul Cowan had one and wanted to know if I would be interested in getting a first hand look. Thanks to Paul we were able to have that design available in 2007. I can’t say why but it’s the only bait in my product line that gets picked up on it’s way down to the bottom with any frequency. It fishes fine on the bottom but the chances bass are going to pick it up on the fall are very high.

Sand Craw™ – The color has been around forever but the laminated design is new. Also introduced in 2007, this bait has shown moderate sales and action in the field then mid-season last year the color got hot, hot, hot along the Canadian South Shore of Lake St. Clair. One thing for sure is that it has a color tone difference compared with all the other baits and is a steady producer.

Great Lakes Craw™ – This was introduced in 2004 and since then a drop-shot version has been added to the lineup. It was originally done as one of my pet projects in an effort to create in a plastic bait to match what we have had available for years in crankbaits. That is the sum total of the research but the sum total of the results can best be told by Bob Mann Sr. of Canada. His success with this bait is impossible to ignore and he has been turning other anglers on to this color for years. He does best with the 4″ version but my personal confidence choice for “big fish” is the drop-shot version.

Firetiger – This was introduced in 2004 along with Great Lakes Craw and had the same research background too. What we have learned about this bait since then is that it is a big fish bait, but it is streaky. It is best presented to schooling, aggressive fish that will pass up natural colors to get to this one first. Anglers over the years have found other applications but the one I just mentioned has been something I’ve learned to trust. Another way to fish this is to throw this bait in an area you are about to leave after you are convinced you have the best fish the area has to offer. You have nothing to lose and the results might surprise you.

St. Clair Goby™ – This was the first of my laminated designs based on a season of field research on gobies in Lake St. Clair. There wasn’t much color to them but what color there was you could see as highlights when holding the gobies up to the glare of the sun. My thoughts about how it would fish ran along the lines of it being a superior “summer bite” bait. I wasn’t prepared to see anglers reordering the color as soon as the season opened and right through to the end of the season. It normally takes two to three years to establish a new bait in the market no matter how well it works. St. Clair Goby broke the mold and has become a standard for other colors to live up to.  As a stunning technical breakthrough it became the first laminated tube to be made in a 5″ size.

Canadian Mist – Back in 1999 I had to beg smallmouth anglers to take this color out and use it as free samples. To the last one they would say, “purple is a largemouth color.” I didn’t know for sure either until I gave some samples to that time pro-staff anglers Rusty and Jeff. They took the color out to the Belle River Hump and the rest is history. To stay true to the factory color and be able to communicate the color accurately over the phone with orders I called it smoke with small gold and small purple flake. A close friend, Lowell Reich suggested the name Canadian Mist but I resisted the change.  At the time is seemed more important to keep myself and anglers who called on the same page for ordering purposes. The success of the bait was so overwhelming and its impact on the market so unique that giving it a name eventually became the best way for everyone to identify it.

Formula G3™ – This Reaper Products design by Bob Dunlap is a rock solid producer across the entire season, under all weather conditions and for all species of bass. The balance of the bite has been confirmed over and over and is also responsible for some of the largest bass ever caught on baits offered by Xtreme Bass Tackle. When used in conjunction with Canadian Mist and Slither it gives an angler a one, two, three punch for consistency on all bodies of water, anywhere. It was formerly called green pumpkin with medium chartreuse and small chartreuse flake (and black flake). The modern designator of Formula G3 was born during a conversation with a friend, Frank Keller. We were discussing how difficult it was to call it green pumpkin with medium chartreuse and small chartreuse flake (and black flake) every day for orders and then it hit me…G3 (G-green pumpkin, 3-three different types of flake). Formula G3 pretty much wrapped the value of the design concept up into a title and customers have responded well to the change.

Slither – Although this color has been around for awhile it fell out of production for a short period. I picked it up and through research have found it to be the #3 all time color for consistent fishing everywhere. It tends to be strongest prior to August 1st and during that period can fish a lot stronger than Canadian Mist and Formula G3 on both inland and Great Lakes waters. It’s available in a 4″ tube, drop-shot tube, skirted twin tail and X-worm in 4″ and 5″ sizes.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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7 Responses to “Tube Bait Designs with a Purpose – Xtreme Bass Tackle Baits”

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  3. Matt Witkowski Says:

    I just saw your tubes here in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they look amazing. Keep up the great job they are definitely exciting products.

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Thanks for saying so Matt. My tube designs have a great track record over a long period but there are always new horizons to cover. The new Mayfly and Muskegon Goby tubes are about to be put to the test this season and it will be an adventure to see when and where they perform best. Good luck this year! Wayne

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  5. Ken Says:

    Do you have any tips or info on Lake Ann by Traverse City. Planning a smallie outing on Memorial Day weekend.
    My brother Karol Beachy told me about your site. Full of good info.

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