Using The Bass to the Future Blog Site – Find What You are Looking For

The method of delivering information on a daily basis through blogs has become a good tool for me to get my message out but has also become a source for a variety of tips, techniques and links to even more resources for you. The website is structured to feature the daily blog but there are more tools that can help you to dig deeper for a lot of useful information when you need it.

Use categories to browse what’s available starting from the last posting going back to the first. It’s a little slow to work through everything but it’s all there and if you are more curious than you are looking for something specific, it can be the best way to get an overview.

* Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques (19)
* BTTF Product Updates (31)

o Fishing Spot Specs ™ News and Tips (16)
o SeaViewer ™ Equipment & Techniques (4)
o Xtreme Bass Tackle products (6)

* BTTF Seminar Blogs (10)
* Fishing Show Central (19)
* Guide Service Central (1)


In one place you are able to link off to any of the websites I feature. Combat Bass Fishing for the Guide Service and Marked Maps Live!. Lake St. Clair Fishing Data takes you to XBT Ebay Store – Purchase products from Ebay. Xtreme Bass Tackle – The site which promotes the products I sell.

* Combat Bass Fishing
* Lake St. Clair fishing data
* XBT Ebay Store
* Xtreme Bass Tackle

It’s hard to take every piece of information away from a seminar so for your convenience this section will take you to the products and services that were featured at the Bass to the Future seminar.

* Electronic Guide Service reports
* Fishing shows
* Lake St. Clair chart by Marine Cruiser
* Lake St. Clair fishing data
* Seaviewer Underwater Cameras
* Xtreme Bass Tackle

This tool is in the upper right hand corner and gives you a way to search the content on the site that you are specifically interested in. It can be something like, smallmouth, smallmouth bass, fishing reports, baits, underwater camera or just try something you are looking for. The site will return the matching posts and you can take it from there.

The Combat Bass Fishing Weekly is a great way to get the last week of Bass to the Future blog postings in a single email. You can see the title of each blog for the week then click on the ones you have the most interest in. Just email me at: to get on the mailing list.

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