SeaViewer™ Underwater Camera – Collect Video Clips of Your Favorite Fishing Spots #1

Like a fishing log book, collecting underwater video clips of your favorite fishing spots can be just as useful and way more cool.  The SeaViewer™ underwater camera has a video out jack that makes this possible.  The recording equipment you use can be as simple as a personal camcorder which has a video in jack or something a lot more sophisticated like the Sea-DVR™. Once the camera is hooked into the recorder it’s just a matter of hitting the record button and letting the camera lay down footage showing your favorite fishing spot to be viewed later in the comfort of your home.

Before hitting the water I recommend reading the post about making your first trip on the water: First Contact With The Environment

    Decide on a alphabetic/numeric format that will allow you to keep the tapes organized by body of water, year, sequence or date and content. One way to do this is to make a label like this: St. Clair 10 #1 Belle River Hump end (Lake St. Clair, 2010, first tape, footage from the end of the Belle River Hump). It can be shortened even more by using SC10#01 which leaves more room on a small label for more content names (spot names).

    Label the outside of the tape you are using directly on the cartridge. If you only label the case for the tape at a later date the two may get separated then you might have to take a long look at the video on the tape to figure out what it is. I have a couple of tapes of great footage without any way to determine where it came from.

    Keep a separate paper log of your trip and the tape name. A bound notebook works well because the cover can protect the pages from spray on the boat and all of your video reference library will be contained in one place in the order you originally developed it. Take advantage of the tape counter which is a standard feature on both old and new recorders and log in specifics about each video clip by the start and finish counter number and content.

Here’s an example:
0000 – 0105 Belle River Hump end
0105 – 0250 Belle River Hump 13 ft. rock pile
0250 – 0299 Suspended shad

This makes going back to find exactly what you want to look at later productive and enjoyable.

    Keep clips short – A shorter clip helps to make the content title more descriptive and running the tape up to the exact spot you want to watch a lot easier. Shorter clips also allow for targeted comments in the paper log where you can enter GPS coordinates, structure, seasonal and environmental information to aid with further research on a spot.

Watch for an upcoming blog, Collect Video Clips of Your Favorite Fishing Spots #2, where I will talk about getting the most out of your video taping in the least amount of time and get back to what we love to do…fish.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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