FREE Internet Sources for Fishing Information – Great Lakes Bass Forums

Great Lakes Bass forums are a rich resource for a wide range of fishing information contained in an easy to use format. What I’ll do here is get you started with an overview of what’s available and it won’t take long before can become a “go to” place to tighten up your game and meet some great friends.

Before going out on the water I’ll reach out to a number of FREE internet sources to gather information. Great Lakes Bass has different types of information than most other sources and it also has a “live” aspect to it via the forums where questions can be asked and answered. The friendly atmosphere keeps things light but there are some very skilled anglers who contribute. Fishing reports are plentiful yet you can go even deeper and get product reviews of all kinds. Building your own baits and rods is also included as are forums for a variety of tournament circuits.


Top Forum Page

Bass Fishing Products

Lake St. Clair – St. Clair River Fishing Reports

Lake Erie – Detroit River Fishing Reports

Ontario Provincial Bass Fishing Reports

Build Your Own Fishing Rods

FLW Outdoors

Bass Biology and Management

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2 Responses to “FREE Internet Sources for Fishing Information – Great Lakes Bass Forums”

  1. themidwesterngentleman Says:

    Great Post! I Can not wait to hit the inlands as well as the Great Lakes for some fishing. Let us know if we can help!

  2. Wayne Carpenter Says:

    Sure…first off can you help with the ice? There’s just too much of it and cabin fever is starting to interfere with thinking about normal daily activities. If not the ice, then I look forward to staying in touch and sharing this great resource with you the first opportunity we get.

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