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A recent change has been made to the Fishing Spot Specs report that makes getting useful information out of it even better.  A summary section has been added to the front of the report which will give you the Location name, Report # and text from each report so we can quickly scan the listing before getting deeper into the details.

Click here for sample report

A Fishing Spot Specs fishing report is made up from a search on what you want to find in the database.  In the case of this report the search was done on: Body of Water: Lake St. Clair, Structure: All Wind Direction: N, NNE, NE, NW, NNW.  More records were returned but I selected four that matched the type of information I wanted to show which was a collection of both long and short text reports, a photo, bait and weight information.  You could have selected a completely different report for yourself based on the same search.

Your sample report will open up with an Adobe .pdf viewer and you will see the header information with the search criteria at the top.  Next will be the summary and if you see  a record that interests you, click on the report number and that will take you directly to the full report below.  You might also want to note the cross reference information at the bottom of each record which will direct you to products that you might already have (No Secrets Books, Marked Maps, etc…) with even more detailed information about what is in the Fishing Spot Specs record.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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