Outdoorama – Show Great, Weather and Travel Improving

“Getting there” has not been half the fun the last two days of the Outdoorama at the Rock Financial Showplace.  Things look like they could be improving today although there will be some snow, rising temps should help the road conditions for the rest of the weekend.

Inside things have been great.  The hunting side of the show is rolling along and in classic Outdoorama fashion, there are many things for the entire family to enjoy.  The seminar line-up has a lot of top guns in it and this is an opportunity to get some more information before the season starts. The Outdoor Living half of the show is set-up perfect for browsing, to gather ideas and talk to vendors. The building is warm and the food is good.

Xtreme Bass Tackle is going to have Captain David Hasty from Lake Erie today inside the booth.  While you are talking with him you can also check out a Lake Erie waterproof chart with him and start making plans for the upcoming season.

I’ll be looking forward to having you visit the booth as well.  The season is fast approaching and it’s been a pleasure to go over plans and strategies with everyone so far.  The Bass to the Future seminar is at 5:00pm today and the new format is having the right effect.  I am able to deliver the message better about how you can take both the tools from my research, free internet tools and the tools you already have and put them together into a useful technology package to advance your success in the 2010 season.

See you there!

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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