Outdoorama – XBT Coming Attractions

Each show brings together a cast of characters, products and technology we may not see in one place at any time the rest of the year. The Outdoorama at Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan starting this Thursday, February 25th is no exception.

After selling out at the UFS – Detroit, Canadian Mist will be back in full force, available in a drop-shot, 4″ and 5″ tube. Also in a NEW upgraded X-worm pour by Bucketmouth Hand Poured Soft Plastic Baits and in the steady producing skirted twin tail grub.

NEW upgraded X-worm pour by Bucketmouth Hand Poured Soft Plastic Baits in 4″ and 5″ sticks in the top three colors: Canadian Mist, Formula G3 and Slither

Muskegon Goby – Although XBT will be carrying this bait in limited quantities during the season, this color will be carried exclusively at Al and Bob’s Sports in Grand Rapids. I have some now at this show and my advice would be to pick some up now so you have them when you need them.


Starting on Friday and through the weekend the Michigan State Bass Fishing Team will be on board at the XBT booth both to help customers and to fund raise for their team. These young men have an impressive tournament schedule ahead of them and would be helped greatly with a t-shirt purchase or if you’ve ever thought of being a sponsor, they would be an excellent choice to get your support.

Captain Dave Hasty from Erie’s Edge Guide Service will be with us on Saturday. This is a super opportunity to visit with him and get a quick start on plans to fish Lake Erie this year. If you’re are thinking about a guided trip then this would be a solid opportunity to talk directly to the captain and set up plans for the season.

Frank Keller will be with us all day on Friday. Frank is one of my two friends and fellow researchers I nickname, “Mr. Big Fish.” He’s a good guy to get to know. One of his accomplishments was to catch a 6 pound 4 ounce smallie on a 5″ St. Clair Goby tube and capture the biggest bass title in a Michigan Federation State Championship on Lake St. Clair.

Come in and discuss the new upgrades to the Fishing Spot Specs website. This ground breaking web based product contains the most powerful fishing information search engine available and some recent changes and new insights can make the product that much more useful to you.
Do you own the Marked Map Series. This would be a good time to get some hand’s on time in the booth to see how Marked Maps Live! can bring even more value to the hard laminated maps you own.

2009 was a tough year to get a read on how spots and techniques will work going forward. Let’s discuss what that year really meant and how to approach the coming season with a fresh approach that matches your style and goals.

You can find the the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth at spot 5765-5767

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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