Bass to the Future Seminar – Prep for the upcoming season

The #1 goal for all my seminars is: Was the information delivered in such a way that the person listening can take it out and use it on the water? The Bass to the Future seminar is designed to do just that. Bring a pad of paper and pen to record stuff because if I do my job right, you should be able to walk away with a few more pieces of the puzzle which can fit into your style and add to your toolbox of techniques.

Prepping for the upcoming season can be a great way to shake the winter blues along with fixing or maintaining equipment, adding new technology, baits or skills to use this year. Confidence and anticipation are high which is something to take advantage of before the season gets busy and locks us into a fixed schedule. Myself, I’ve been going through my hard drive and sorting and renaming folders, arranging handwritten notes from previous years to make them handy, getting equipment fixed and making or tightening up plans with an emphasis on the little things that normally get done at the last minute. Nothing here is particularly new as far as information goes it’s just me using the current high energy levels to handle some details today so they don’t mess with the flow of having fun tomorrow.

One such detail did escape my tournament partner and I… We had planned nearly a year in advance to fish a tournament on Lake St. Clair. It was still early in the season and my partner had an exceptionally busy spring at work with little time to get out on the water. It wasn’t until the late afternoon before the tournament that we realized he didn’t have a Canadian license yet. This prompted some phone calls to my friends in Canada only to find out that most places weren’t carrying licenses anymore and some of the old standby’s that did were going to be closed before we could get there. With some expert help from Bob Mann Sr. we managed to get to one of the few remaining Canadian Tire stores that still sold licenses with about 20 minutes to spare. Success yes, but not something I would want to repeat.

So let’s get together at the show and talk about fishing this year. I’ve got a new, retooled Bass to the Future presentation for you to see but best of all, if we can find a way to connect this universe of information to your angling goals, the seminar can have great value toward helping you prep for the upcoming season.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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