The Next Generation of X-worms

A move has been made to upgrade the product line: Bucketmouth Hand Poured Plastics is now making Xtreme Bass Tackle X-worms. The colors are richer, the plastic is softer and fall rate measures up to or exceeds the competition.

If you have used X-worms before then perhaps you have seen the progression from the first supplier I had to the next. In each case the focus on getting the colors(s) right has been the first order of business and the results have been consistent with the same offerings in skirted twin tail grubs and tubes. Having the right product offering comes down to a combination of production requirements, logistics, quality, consistency and yes, even intangibles like creativity. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the best in the industry and consider this generation of X-worm the best yet.

Here are some of the specs:

* Softer yet more durable when compared with the strongest competition
* Industry standard sink rate w/o hook – Six inches a second on average / new X-worms – Four inches a second on average
* Falls faster than the last version X-worm
* A different formulation than the Bucketmouth B-stick

These will roll out at the Outdoorama next weekend starting on Thursday. See you there.

After the show see XBT on Ebay

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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