Professional Non-boater Tackle Tips

I spent many years being what could only be considered as a professional non-boater. This crossed over in research as well as for tournaments and the outcome was a hyper efficient, one size fits all tackle and rod lineup.

The first thing I found out is that hard tackle cases didn’t give me much flexibility. I tried the big box type which held nearly everything but pretty much had to sit on the floor between the driver and myself. That’s fine for most trips but there’s always the chance a third party would be involved and now the efficiency becomes a liability.

OK, I switched over to multiple smaller hard cases with a slim design and the ability to store with minimal space requirements in variety of spots. The problem with this is that storage is at a premium on a bass boat so having tackle in more than one place made it a hassle for both boater and myself.

Finally I settled on a soft bag. One medium sized duffel style bag works well to contain small hard cases, soft spinnerbait wallets and loose plastic bags. Multiple zipper pockets make for a good opportunity to separate and organize all sorts of small items like hooks, specialty terminal tackle like mojo weights and pegs, weigh scale, hand held gps, logbook and more.

Most of the time the boater will provide one large compartment in the back of the boat to put EVERYTHING. The most astute boaters (or ones who have a late model rig) will have a couple of other options for you but plan ahead to have the least available space. For an alternative to a dedicated compartment the soft tackle duffel can be placed under the passenger console and still have room for the rider to sit comfortably.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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