The Seminar – A Fishing Information Resource

Seminars can be high entertainment for anglers in cabin fever lock down and can also be a fast way to connect with professionals and unlock some of their secrets. Whether you make a dedicated trip to see a seminar speaker or take advantage of the many free seminars at your local fishing show there are some things you can do to build on your personal skills.

I find that may seminar participants have been associated with my services or products and are looking to see about the latest developments for the coming season. Most audiences are mixed while some have a strong influx of new folks checking out the speaker or topic for the first time. In the case of the latter I would suggest taking advantage of this great information age and get hold of all the material you can on a speaker to study up prior to the event. All seminar speakers have limited time to deliver a select topic so the more familiar you are with both the potential content and the way the person delivers it, the more you will be able to retain for future use.

It might not always be possible for both to attend but a fishing buddy with you at a seminar functions much the same as on the water. Both get a look at the presentation and delivery (environmental conditions if you will) and evaluate it together. The wealth of knowledge and experience you share can filter, sort, extract and retain more information between you than either could alone.


Since most people who attend seminars already have a great deal of angling experience the best part of the event for them will be that one nugget of information that jumps out at them as unique or useful. Taking notes of everything can be helpful but documenting the small details about line diameter, depth, temperature, brand name, action, presentation or other such technical points comes in handy later when it’s time to execute.

I’ve never met a seminar speaker yet who didn’t enjoy answering questions from the audience after their presentation. The speaker knows the content and purpose of their delivery but the audience brings with it a wide range of experiences which adds spontaneity. It’s the stuff that sometimes nobody else has thought of which can make for an interesting exchange. Also, chances are that the speaker has been there and done that and will have a tip on inexpensive or effective solution to something that’s been bugging us.

Walking away with contact information for the speakers you are interested in can come in handy when you least expect it. In the middle of the season a question might come up which might be answered in an email. A quick visit to their website might be all it takes to get you over the hump with a piece of critical information about a spot, bait or technique to be used the next day out. Books, DVD’s and other resources created by the speaker are their efforts to get even more information out to you than they can in a short seminar. This sort of reference material can be as valuable as a personal log book for the angler wanting to learn and absorb as much they can about their sport.

Bass to the Future seminars coming up in Novi, Michigan at the Rock Financial Showplace February 25, 26 & 27

Thursday – 8:00pm
Friday – 3:00pm
Saturday – 5:00pm

For daily updates and forum chat about the Outdoorama go to: Great Lakes Bass

The Grand Rapids Ultimate Sports Show is right around the corner too

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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