My “Go To” Places For Fishing Information – The Short List

The blessings of instinct are a beautiful thing when it comes to dialing in on the bite.

  • The reaction to splash behind us that has us reaching for a topwater bait
  • A sudden awareness that the light levels have changed tells us exactly what to do next
  • On oncoming freighter is making its way down the river and if we time it right, the bait fish bite will be strong when it passes by
  • Our fishing partner discovers an active bait so we jump on the bandwagon
  • We interpreted the effect of the conditions on the water perfectly and everywhere we go the bite is exactly what we expected it to be.

It’s about that moment in time where we decide to switch up on bait, presentation, location or technique that turns into a game changer and from that point on it seems like we can do no wrong. Here’s are the places I go for information that can keep me “in the moment” not only on Lake St. Clair, but everywhere I go.


  • Weather is the number one thing I check before making a move to the planning stage. My preferred site is the NOAA site by the National Weather Service which offers a less distilled version of the area weather as well as marine reports.
  • Tournament results are generic in nature but give me a listing of hard data to work with telling me what I need to know about the strength of a fishery. The one I use the most is the NBAA website because their reporting is timely and coverage covers many states.
  • I use an internet based map of Lake St. Clair at Marine Cruiser to either create a plan to look at new water or more often to confirm coordinates for spots I will visit the next day.
  • An angler friendly forum at Great Lakes Bass has folks who are already sharing information and are willing to answer specific questions as best as they can. I’ve gone here many times when having to travel to new water or encounter a question from a customer about a place or topic of which I have no experience. I picked out a fishing report to check out from during the season last year: The Mayfiles are Hatching

      • Fishing Spot Specs website – Getting the latest hard data from the Lake helps to eliminate water and keep me focused on active areas, baits, etc… It is also the only source of information available which can be delivered in a format where I can plug in the conditions to get a select list of reports that work for me.
      • Marked Maps Live! – Not only are my reports there but my staff is updating this site as they go out and tell me about the action they find (or not) and adjustments to the plan can be made.

      Electronic Guide Service has downloadable fishing reports by spot. FROM THEIR WEBSITE SITE: Our pro staff is continuing to grow, along with our product list. Currently, we have products for Lake St. Clair, Saginaw Bay, and many Northern Wisconsin Lakes. Let us be your online fishing guide… You can link up and view everything they have to offer at: Electronic Guide Service

      Personal notes and log books are an invaluable tool. Many times I’ll be working on a plan for the next day and the instincts will kick in to find a single piece of information from a log book for a particular year. This has saved a lot of wasted fishing time and helped to point me in the right direction.

      Running the plan through a friend can yield some excellent yet unpredictable results. It’s the stuff I didn’t think of they bring up and sometimes it turns out that they were at the spot that day and can give me accurate feedback. Knowing each others’ tendencies and skills makes the process more effective yet.

      Not having the right information can make for a long day when covering dead water while trying to get a read on conditions. Having the right information doesn’t take anything away from using my instincts but sharpens them. Even a bad decision can lead to the right conclusion a lot quicker when I have accurate data in hand.

      (c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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