The Best Fish Never Caught – The Power of Canadian Mist

In the annals of angling lore few stories are more captivating than the “one that got away.” Even in those stories some gems of information can be found and in this one, the Xtreme Bass Tackle color Canadian Mist emerges as the hero of the day.

There was some more excitement over some heart pumping catches in the river. On Monday, a life and death struggle with a zebra mussel encrusted something had me going for the net. This is not the first time this scenario has played itself out. The river can make almost anything appear animated as you reel it in. Later that day, a plastic cup put a drift sock effect on the rod and it was looking to be the catch of a lifetime. The net was out and ready to go after the behemoth but after an extended battle all I have to show for it is this well documented picture of victory.

(Even the cup bite was on Canadian Mist)

At one point, I pointed out to my partner that there were four out of six rods rigged with the Canadian Mist skirted twin tail. One on a football, one Carolina, one drop-shot and one 3-Way. That’s a first but it’s the bait has been that productive for me over the course of the last several weeks. 08/22/2005

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