Getting Media Exposure

Every small business works hard to get exposure in the marketplace. You have an idea or product line that is unique and effective so the more folks who know how cool your stuff is, the better the sales can be. I’m no different and work hard at it too but this morning the media found me instead; standing in line for the Denny’s Super Bowl free Grand Slam breakfast promotion.

It was the lovely and gracious WWJ Newsradio 950 City Beat Reporter Detroit Vickie Thomas who braved the cold dark morning while interviewing each of us in line. The lady in front of us was a hoot and she seemed like a shoe-in when it came to the breakfast interview but it was my voice we heard in the car on the way back from our meal. As it turns out, they covered my comments about the impending weather (Whew! Something fishing related at least) and my plan to keep up with the snowfall.

I’m not usually out there pitching a tent or standing in line for hours for a sale but the whole “Grand Slam” thing sounded like a lot of fun. With no way to get the boat in the water this morning and being a nice opportunity to share the event with mom, it turned out to be a great way to start to the day.

After my 15 seconds of fame the calls started pouring in about the broadcast (Actually my friend Mike left a message). Perhaps with a little quick thinking I can find a way to work Fishing Spot Specs into the interview next time.

Actually, it was a perfect morning and thoughts of a sunrise on the water are getting stronger with every snowflake that hits the ground.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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