Lake St. Clair Chart – Free Internet Access

No map has everything I need so using multiple maps types in both paper and electronic media can deliver some clear advantages. I do a ton of research on Lake St. Clair and use every resource that will help. The Marine Cruiser website is a solid player when it comes to Lake St. Clair maps and speeding up the process of planning my day on the water.

What this website does is deliver the NOAA chart(s) to us at a click of a mouse. In the upper right side of the screen you will see the GPS coordinates updating as you move the mouse around which is really handy for dialing in on new spots to look at. When you click on the map it zooms in for better detail.

Not only do you have fingertip access to the map but underneath the hood Marine Cruiser designer, Dan Zowada gives us high detail and resolution when zooming in. You can watch this in real time when you zoom in, see the screen blur a bit then sharpen right up.

Even though there are many products available for me to use, the shear convenience of the Marine Cruiser site makes it a regular stop for me both before and after I’m on the water.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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