Planning Ahead For The Season

Each year I get fired up with dreams of hundreds of days on the water and accomplishing a “bucket list” full of projects and activities having to do with fishing. This fire in the belly drives me to do many of these things but at the end of each season I look back and say the same thing…”I wish I had done this or wish I had done that.” The way I’ve been able to reconcile the beginning with the end of the story is to set priorities now and begin to move “B” and “C” projects aside to make room for those “A” list projects which will make my year if completed.


* Spending more time on the Detroit River isolating reliable spots – Sure I’ve got time on the river but the types of spots that are strong on the Detroit River are almost 180 degrees out-of-phase with the spots found on the St. Clair River. I would like to get a few more pieces of the puzzle to fit together, especially during the hot summer months.

* Establishing reliable patterns in the middle of the Lake – What I do have in the deep parts of Lake St. Clair I like. I’ve seen bass/weed/rock relationships that have been successful and would like to double the amount of productive spots available to my customers.

* Expand the season both ways – Researching more ways to get on larger numbers of bass before the big warm-up in the spring and pushing the limits of the bite far into November and even December.

The last one should be the easiest to accomplish because there isn’t much going on in the fishing industry during those months hence more time to be on the water. Adding productive spots in the middle of the Lake or the Detroit River can be done easy enough but I’m more interested in putting spots together with the patterns and understanding how they function under all seasonal and weather changes. That will take time.

The “B” and “C” list projects vastly outnumber what you see here and the reason why the tasks listed above are on the “A” list is partly due to importance but also due to the time it takes to complete them. I’ve tried for years to get a lot of those things done but time keeps running out.

So what I can do about it right now is to make good plans to accomplish my priorities and that includes turning down some other opportunties as they come up because there’s just so much water and so little time.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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