Bass to the Future Seminar at Outdoorama

We’re gearing up for a new round of Bass to the Future seminars at the upcoming Outdoorama show at the Rock Financial Showplace. What you can look forward to is more data files to choose from in Fishing Spot Specs, in-depth look at the new Marked Maps Live! website, some FREE stuff you can use online to help with your personal research, SeaViewer ™ underwater camera video and demo along with info about the new Xtreme Bass Tackle baits for 2010: Mayfly, Muskegon Goby and the new creature bait in St. Clair Crayfish.

That’s a lot for one seminar so be ready for a fast paced format with two screens and live internet. If you’ve seen this seminar at the Ultimate Fishing Show it might pay to see it again. I’ll have new video clips plus updates on how to use the new search engine at Fishing Spot Specs.

The seminar is free and questions are welcome. Post your question on this blog, let me know what day you will be coming to the show and have it answered at the seminar. If you comment on the blog you qualify for a 2-4-1 pass into the Outdoorama. Just send your name and address directly to me at: and I’ll get it out to you.

Seminar times will be posted first on the Outdoorama site at:

See you at the show!

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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2 Responses to “Bass to the Future Seminar at Outdoorama”

  1. Terry Bone Says:

    My email is on it’s way. I purchased some of the new baits at the show but didn’t make the seminar, I hope to be able to make it this time.

  2. Wayne Carpenter Says:

    Hi Terry: Got ya covered and look forward to seeing you there. The schedule for all seminars at the show should be out soon.

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