www.fishingspotspecs.com – Combining Other Information Products with the Search Results

Fishing Spot Specs ™ (FSS) is a powerful stand-alone product generating LIVE spot information to use on the water, but there’s more. At the bottom of each .pdf report there is a Cross Reference section showing where additional reference information about your specific report can be found.


If you own other information products such as books or maps they can serve well as reference material to enhance an FSS report. The most common way this happens is when a spot is mentioned in the report there may be more information which could include a GPS coordinate, spot detail and seasonal trends. If you already own the book or map you can see the Cross Reference on the report and go look it up. If you don’t own the book or map the link will take you right to the website where you can get them.


What we have been used to in the fishing industry is a high level of product availability but a low level of product support. What information there is about a product is buried in articles and ads that are strong in hype and weak on data and statistics. FSS represents a new wave of support products that not only deliver the tools but integrates with current available information.

The Cross Reference section in an FSS report is that kind of support. If you already have the book or map no additional purchase is necessary to bring an FSS report and book or map info together. This is a product enhancement that you are not likely to find anywhere else. It works both ways. If you already have the book or map then FSS delivers the finishing touch with LIVE information to put you on the best fishing spot available.

I’m Capt. Wayne Carpenter and in my case there are three reference books, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair vol. 1 and vol. 2, Smallmouth Confidential and a set of 27 Marked Maps ™ of Lake St. Clair. When you get an FSS report my Cross Reference information is on it and will point you to any of the books or maps that connect with the report.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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