www.fishingspotspecs.com – Using Water Temperature to Generate Accurate Data

Temperature is one of the most widely used and understood data items for bass anglers to close in on their prey. In the early season the warmest temps are sought out to find the most active fish. Temperature ranges for the spawn are usually well known by local anglers then beyond that, temperatures that are too hot are good for use as an upper limit also to eliminate dead areas. With a powerful search engine like www.fishingspotspecs.com (FSS) available, you can use water temperature to narrow the search down to exactly the type of data that can help you the most.


When we follow the overall temperatures over the course of an entire season the changes on a graph might resemble a bell curve. Low on one side, high in the middle then sloping down again to match the lows. The key is to be sure you are dealing with a stable temperature. For instance…A temperature can be temporarily altered by a strong cold front. This lower temp isn’t consistent with the long-term temperature so a search on the lower temp could return results which are less accurate. One way to compensate for this is to add in “Cold Front” into the search criteria. If the temperature data you have available is stable and consistent for that part of the season it can seriously tighten up your FSS report results.


Be sure to evaluate the temperature information before using it for a search. If the temperature you have available is from the middle of the lake it probably won’t translate well with the water temperature in a shallow bay. You can still use the middle of the lake temperature along with a little accurate guesswork to work out a range to search on, instead of an exact number. If the middle of the lake temp is 70 degrees and the shallow bay is at least as warm, and probably warmer, then search on a range of 70 degrees to 75 degrees. The information returned on that bay or other shallow bays like it will be very close to reality. You can use the same technique when estimating the temperature for the weekend based on an exact temperature that is a couple of days old. Search on a range and it can return some very accurate results.

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