Looking for Canadian Mist tubes? Outdoorama at Novi on Feb. 25-28 is the Place

Canadian Mist tubes selling out at the Ultimate Fishing Show meant that some folks would have to wait for the next batch to come in. That day will be on Thursday, February 25th and through the show on that weekend. Both the sold out 4″ and drop-shot tubes will be available. Don’t forget we still have that #1 all time color in a 5″ tube, a 4″ skirted twin tail grub and negotiations are in earnest to secure a new supplier for X-worms and a deal is imminent.

For over a decade Canadian Mist has proven to be a top producer on the Great Lakes and inland waters. Since launching an Ebay Store I have found this color to be the strongest and most consistent with new customers all around the country. It’s not the sale that counts, it’s the reorders. That tells you a lot about how strong a bait is fishing by how much and how fast tackle boxes need to be replenished.

All baits have tendencies but few have a broad appeal like this color. Having a favorite child isn’t recommended so what’s to say about my pet designs, some of which I have poured over a year of design work into to develop and that work strong in the field? What I will say is that I love them all but Canadian Mist is the most consistent producer over all seasons, all conditions and all geographic zones it has been tried in to date.

I’m often asked what is the one tube (or color) I would take out if there was only one to chose from. It would be Canadian Mist, all day long!

Show schedule for the Outdoorama at Rock Financial Showplace

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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