How To Fish The Xtreme Bass Tackle™ Skirted Twin Tail Grub

First of all, this bait can be very versatile. Here are some rigging options:

On a round ball or football head
Texas Rigged
Carolina Rigged
3-Way Rigged

How you decide to fish this depends entirely on the type of structure and the style of bass bite in the area.

On a round ball or football head
On Lake St. Clair, an open hook is fished easily around weed/sand and rock/sand combinations. This makes a round ball jighead or football head a good option both in the Lake and the river system. This is the option I use most of the time.

Insert the hook point into the front (skirt side) of the bait, work it through the bait then out the body with the ball or football head resting in the middle of the skirt. A 3/0 hook is large enough but a 4/0 hook could still work.

Texas Rigged
The Texas Rigged option can be very helpful should you decide to go into the weeds to extract the bass you are looking for. Smallmouth tend to cruise around structure but there have been some anglers that have taken the approach to go inside the weeds to reach fish most anglers pass up. Whether to peg the bullet weight sinker is a question that is often asked and that can depend on the individual angler and how they decide to present the bait. Since St. Clair has more “open water” structure than anything else, my tendency is to “not” peg the sinker into place. I recommend a 3/0 offset shank worm hook (with an O’shaunessy bend).

There are other excellent hook choices but in my experience with this specific bait, this hook works best.

Carolina Rigged
Carolina Rigging is used with great success by many St. Clair anglers. I wish I could tell you more about it but I am Carolina Rig challenged. If you have confidence in it, then go with it.

3-Way Rigged
The 3-way rig is one of my favorites and one that I have worked hard to perfect for use with soft plastics.

It’s dynamite in the river system and one of the most stable rigs to use in the Lake under windy conditions. A hard hookset is not needed since the fish just start to run with the bait, you feel the pressure on the line and begin to reel the fish in. I now recommend a EWG (extra wide gap) hook with this rig instead of the round bend hook. You can put all manner of plastic baits on it.

Drop-shotting this bait can be a solid option when the bass want the bait off of the bottom. I recommend heavier tackle than the standard drop-shot rig (at least 10 lb. test and a long medium action rod). It helps when using the larger style hooks like the worm style or EWG.

This rig keeps the bait off of the bottom and above the sand grass or slimy algae that can jam up baits as soon as they hit the bottom with other rigs. I recommend a pencil style sinker with a swivel on top, on the bottom of the drop-shot rig. A 3/8 oz. weight works great for most situations and you can trim the bottom of the pencil weight off if you need to make it lighter.

Above all, confidence will catch more fish than any technical change we make. Hopefully one of these above options looks like one you like to use the most and have confidence in.

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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