NEW for 2010! 4″ Creature Bait in hottest selling color: St. Clair Crayfish

This is a first for the design world of Xtreme Bass Tackle, a creature bait produced in a signature custom color: St. Clair Crayfish. This bait was released in 2008 and has quickly become the hottest selling bait everywhere it’s fished for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Even though this color was originally designed for smallmouth in the Great Lakes system a funny thing happened once we got it wet… Largemouth don’t just love it, they crush it. Previous to this creature bait release the color has been available in a tube bait which works well inland but largemouth anglers will immediately see the value of a Texas Rigged creature bait in the same hot color.

Once a bait design is finalized it heads off to the factory and eventually the moment of truth arrives at my doorstep. The translation from what’s on paper to what’s in the plastic is always an adventure and this time around was no exception. Not only was the color matching great, the flake dispersal perfection but then…the law of unintended circumstances kicked in; It was oh so obvious that every single bait was different, like snowflakes! Now we’ve got something more like what happens in nature, variation.

Now all we need is the water to soften up in our northern states and the rest of the story can be told.

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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