New Tube Design for 2010 – Mayfly

My tube design work has spanned more than a decade and has had great success with the tube baits: Great Lakes Perch, St. Clair Goby, Erie Goby, St. Clair Crayfish, Firetiger, Great Lakes Craw, Sand Craw and more… Both competitive and serious bass anglers have come to rely on my baits for their consistency in the bite plus the depth of research that is behind each one. This year, Mayfly is the latest in my excursion into Natural Forage Technology (TM) design and it fills an important color/tone/forage gap in the full lineup of laminated tube custom designs offered by Xtreme Bass Tackle. Although internet photos rarely do justice to the full range of color and flake offered in these baits, below is an image of the new Mayfly tube which comes in a drop-shot tube, 4″ and 5″ tube:

The significance of adding this bait to the lineup lies in its place in the forage environment. It’s the first real push toward including an insect species for bass to chose from and the variety of color tones in this bait will give them many opportunities to view this bait as one of several hatches of mayfly. This means an extended bite during the hatch period and the potential for the bait to reach beyond the mayfly hatch and into the rest of the bass season.

The dominant color is an Erie gold/cream which gets us the look of that one hatch of mayfly which seems to trigger the hot mayfly bite each year. Brown and black color is blended in to extend the bite range to those species that hatch prior to and after the dominant Erie gold/cream color species. Chartreuse is a highlight that shows up during this tipping point in the bite and that is represented by small chartreuse flake. The final highlight is a design first, a flood of small hologram flake to simulate the “wings.”

If you would like to know more about my business and bait design methods, an excellent article to read was written by Andy Buss and can be found at:

Sliding Down the Tube of Perfection

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(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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