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Ever get off the water and on the drive home think to yourself, “I wish I had gone over there or used a different bait there.” This could be a form a second guessing but it seems more to me like the wheels are turning upstairs, evaluating the day and storing the information away in the old memory bank to be used on a subsequent trip. This is a situation where Fishing Spot Specs (FSS) can really have an impact on your day before going feet wet. The right search can start you down the right logical track by giving you a chance to probe the data and eliminate dead ends.



In competitive fishing the goal is normally to get the five biggest bass to bring back to the scales. There are exceptions to this but let’s take a look at how to search for the big fish only pattern. One way is to do a search for the WEIGHT range:

This works well and will return every record available where a smallmouth bass was caught in the 3 lb. to 6 lb. range. This means that if one smallie was caught at a spot then it would show up on this search. This could be enough if the total number of spots returned in your search gives you the right logistics to run from spot-to-spot.

Another way to do this is to search for the AVG. WEIGHT range:

The assortment of spots here will reflect smallmouth that were caught in larger numbers per spot. In this case one spot could make your whole tournament so the next step is to include weather and water data in your search to be sure the spot will hold up under the conditions you will be facing.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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