www.fishingspotspecs.com – The Difference between Text and Notes

Knowing what the search results are telling you is the key to selecting a quality report to print out. Since you can search for free, taking the time to get it right is made easy so my goal is to do everything I can to help you clearly understand the output. Below is live text from the Combat Bass Fishing database for you to be able to see the difference between the two:

TEXT (What happened on the water – factual account with or without anecdotal information added in)
While working the lake side edge of the bulrushes we only came up with one short smallmouth. We worked the full stretch starting at the Bassett and ending at the Chematogan.

NOTES (Why this spot was targeted or other useful descriptions which would add clarity to the TEXT or other data elements of the report – Very similar to color commentary in sports)
I was looking to see if the bite on the open flat was any stronger at the shallower edges that terminated at the bulrushes

TEXT is almost always part of a Fishing Spot Specs (FSS) report and it isn’t really necessary to have clarifying NOTES to get the type of information you are looking for. NOTES does enhance the report though and as you use FSS you can evaluate the value of those as you go. The word count for both TEXT and NOTES are included in the Search Results and that can also be a criteria you might want to use when choosing a data report.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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