What to Look For in an Underwater Video Camera – Advanced Accessories


SeaViewer Underwater Camera Sea-Drop Standard Kit

Sea-Drop™ Video Camera 950
7″ Monitor
150′ Cable
RCA video output connector
I record my video on a Sony mini-DV camcorder

Number 1 Accessory – GPS Video Overlay

One time I came across some boulders with 4 lb. smallies on them in the river with my underwater camera. Even though I turned the boat around and went back I never did find those boulders and those beautiful bass. Apparently I was not able to get the camera back in the right position that day, nor did I do so until five years later. I have since found the boulders and they have become a reliable spot to frequent during tournaments.

It would have been nice to have the spot marked on the first past with SeaViewers SeaTrack GPS Video Overlay unit. This accessory allows me to lay GPS coordinates on my recorded video for viewing later. Under the water the camera passes by structure faster than it would take to reference a GPS/Sonar unit and write the coordinates down for everything you see. Now I can watch the video in the comfort of my home and pause when I find something worth going back for.

SEA – DVR: Mini Digital Video Recorder

As of this writing I’m still storing my video on a mini DV camcorder then transferring it over to my computer or DVD. What I should be doing this year is using the Sea-DVR which gives me both a screen and a method of recording my video on an 80GB hard drive. Recording capacity and the ability to transfer high quality video to other mediums will be easier than ever.

Words cannot describe the value of either of these items. It’s much better to see real video and more on the SeaViewer site.



(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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