How To Evaluate Bass Fishing Information/A Parallel

Before we wade deep into the murky waters of the current concept of what is considered bass fishing data of value we should draw some parallels with information we have learned to depend on everyday.

Weather information is the closest relative to what is now available through Historical information is related through posted High and Low temperatures for the day for us to compare with the forecast temperature. Snowfall/rainfall totals are shown to us to give us a relative sense of where we are compared to where we have been.

The range of forecast temperatures, precipitation and sky conditions are fed to us daily in a 24 hour format broken down into time segments we can relate to for our morning and evening commute and more. Add to that real-time radar coverage for our area, expand that out to the region and in some cases the nation. This adds up to useful data that can be applied to our day. As intense and computer massaged as this information is it’s not always as accurate as we would like, but it is the best available.

Even in this scenario with all the private and government resources placed at our disposal the final value of the data comes down to how we apply it. When I look at weather data I’m looking for trends. No matter what type of forecast it is (on TV or in text format off the internet) I rarely take it at face value and interpret it based on my local experience with weather systems I have dealt with in the past. I’ve developed a comfort level with this process and find that surprises are few after applying my judgment to the data.

Bass fishing information doesn’t begin to approach a data delivery system on the level we examined in the above paragraphs. Even with the roll out of Fishing Spot Specs (FSS) we are just seeing the beginnings of how this infrastructure to serve bass anglers everywhere will develop. As you work with the data presented by FSS you too will begin to apply your judgment to the reports and dial in on the best possible fishing day on the water that you can have.

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2 Responses to “How To Evaluate Bass Fishing Information/A Parallel”

  1. Terry Bone Says:

    I was trying a search and I put a bunch of criteria in, then it returned an error and said I need to select three baits. The problem with that is it wiped clean all of the other criteria.

    • Wayne Carpenter Says:

      Thanks Terry! These are the little things that are found through regular use and I’ve put in a request for that to be taken care of. As soon as it is fixed I’ll let you know. Wayne

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