A Fuel Cell for Bass Fishing Information

Energy can be stored in countless ways from the steam engines of old to futuristic storage modules that can power entire spaceships. From then until then the concept remains the same…you can’t leave home without it. Today our lives revolve around liquid fuels, batteries and current flowing through wires which power the tools we use but it’s how we use these tools that makes them effective. If the goal is to catch more and bigger bass then finding a source of power that makes regular success a reality is worth plugging into.

Let’s take a look at some of the staple elements which comprise modern fishing information:

BAIT SELECTION – Vast resources are available to dial in baits which cover both general and unique methods.
CHOICE OF PRESENTATION – Articles, books, TV, videos and seminars bring us up-to-date on the latest techniques.
BASS POSITION (SEASONAL or SITUATIONAL) – The same bevy of articles and such give us advanced information on bass habits
WEATHER REPORTS – The variety of information and technology is intense. Some information gets as detailed as winds and water temps from buoys in the field. This information covers both recent and real time data (today’s personal technology make it possible for it to be delivered in real time).
MAPPING – Mapping continues to hit new heights in detail and on board delivery systems.

This list gives us a good meat and potatoes array of tools to create a plan and execute it on the water but will this plan be accurate? Will it be flexible? We know where to get gas to fuel our tow vehicle and boat, we know which batteries energize our GPS and sonar but where is the fuel that brings our fishing information to life?

Here are some examples of bass fishing information energy we can use to power our plan for a successful fishing day: Call in fishing reports, personal log books, your best friends report from his day on the water, http://www.fishingspotspecs.com and Marked Maps Live!


* Call in fishing reports – These can be very helpful and when combined with all the other resources can make for a good day on the water. STORED ENERGY – About that of a single 9V battery

* Personal log books – I recommend that everyone keep a personal fishing log, I have some going back up to 15 years. These can give us key spots to hit or miss based on historical activity but they are not sortable and require skill on the part of the user as to what information is relevant. A personal log kept on a spreadsheet or database has more power yet it is still limited by the experience of one person. STORED ENERGY – Plugging into a 120V socket on the wall with a cord

* Your best friends report from his day on the water – This is the first level of information yet with real power. Since you’ve fished with your friend his habits, choice of bait and fishing style and location is familiar to you. His information comes from a recent experience on the water so this “live” data can have a real and direct impact on your trip out. He can only tell you about the spots he’s been to though. STORED ENERGY – A tankful of gas to get you where you need to go

* Fishing Spot Specs (FSS) and Marked Maps Live! – Both of these information services relay large amounts of stored historical data along with a broad range of fishing reports. In the case of FSS a powerful search engine can bring historical and recent reports together and with MM Live! a range of reporters deliver recent data on 27 individual map segments on Lake St. Clair. Both services dial in on spot specific data with a variety of strong information enhancements to help you interpret the results for use in planning the best day you can have on the water. Internet technology and cell phones make the potential for this information to be as real time as it gets. STORED ENERGY – Nuclear

So now it is possible to combine all of the above types of fishing information to reach the best possible result from your planning and for your execution of that plan on the water. The resulting arsenal to take out there with you can be:

Call in fishing reports, personal logs, best friend, www.fishingspotspecs.com and Marked Maps Live!

Results – limitless!

(c) Wayne Carpenter

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