The new Fishing Spot Specs site – What exactly is there and how would I use it?

This question came in about the new site: “What exactly is there and how would I use it?”

Fortunately it’s early in the year there’s time to get all the support systems in place for You can see a live demonstration of the website during my seminar, Bass to the Future and I’ll be doing another round of them at the Outdoorama in Novi, MI coming up on February 25th.

For now know this…you can do the search and see the search results for free without signing up for anything. This gives you an idea about the type of data which is available and how your custom search returns it to you. This way you can become familiar with the search engine and how the results are displayed. To see what the first page of the report looks like click on the Sample Report on the front page of the site.

There are some easy picks on the left hand side under “Saved Searches” and soon there will be “Captain’s Picks” which will have my recommended searches for that period in time. If you want to go ahead and purchase a report the website is setup to to do that but I would recommend waiting until I get at least 200 historical reports listed for the data to be of the most value. The finished report will have as many of the individual reports as you purchased that match the search terms. As soon as the season starts live data will be entered as I gather it from being out on the water. The live data can be used to tighten up plans for a trip out, eliminate water, dial in on specific baits and spots and get an overall sense of what is happening in this ever changing fishery.

Nearly finished is a FAQ section for you to browse. I appreciate the question posed and hope that this information helps.

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