What is “Live Information” as it relates to Fishing

Fishing information comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from the article about a fishing technique which can add to your skills to the latest report from a buddy who has just come off the water. It’s all good but what type of information is “live” and why is that important?

In practice, information is “live” if it produces results. In preparation information is “live” if it leads to actionable strategies, defines options or eliminates methods which lead to a dead end. Theoretical prose about what someone thinks may or may not happen if conditions are this way or that way doesn’t qualify, no matter how authoritative the source is. In the case of our buddy who just came off of the water the only authority he needs is his recent exposure to conditions on the water and if his report is factual, the information is “live.”

I offer two types of “live” information sources: Fishing Spot Specs ™ (FSS) and the spot information covered in Marked Maps Live! FSS information can be both recent and historical. The “live” part of the recent information follows the same line of reasoning as if our buddy was offering it. The powerful search engine on the website is what makes the historical information “live” by being able to filter the information to suit your needs, the resulting report can lead to actionable strategies for example: Show only those spots that hold big fish the first week of June in a south wind. That sounds helpful and is well within the capability of the search engine. Even information from a decade ago can be a high value item when matched up with current conditions.

For Marked Map customers MM Live! offers the same type of information but also ties in to a product line of strong historical fixed information in the form of 27 laminated Marked Maps. The “live” portion is the internet based chart which reports back to the map user about which spots are being looked at by myself and the staff with report backs on the quality of the catch; is it tournament quality, is it just average bass or did we not catch anything at all and zero on the spot. Notes are also added to some of the spot information and when you combine that with at least 405 total spots on 27 maps it opens up a lot of options or in a big water scenario has a value as good as gold, eliminates water.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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