Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit Wrapup

A special thanks goes out to all who visited the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth this weekend and came to the Bass to the Future seminars! Pro-staff support was outstanding and many folks were well served by their expertise. One comment sent in was:

“Be sure to compliment your pro staff. They were especially helpful. I spoke at length with both Bob & Mark. But also Cy spent a great deal of time with me as well. Very courteous and I’m sure all were appreciative as I was.”

Sales on Mayfly, Muskegon Goby and the new creature/beaver bait in St. Clair Crayfish carried the day to be sure. My apologies for those who were looking for the “sold out” Canadian Mist in 4″ and drop-shot but I’ll try to make it up to you at the Outdoorama at Rock Financial starting on February 25th.

The Bass to the Future seminars went well and it was a privilege to see so many long time information customers. There were some technical hiccups but that will happen on a first run seminar like this. You can read more about what the seminar was like from the audience perspective at:

If you were lucky enough to come on Sunday the bugs had been worked out and everything flowed smoothly. On Sunday we were also fortunate to have Bob Mann Sr. from Windsor, Canada (tournament angler and spokesperson for Visions of Canada) with us at the seminar. The question came up about the fish kills in early 2009 but no-one knew about the Canadian side, except Bob! He is always entertaining, a good friend, knowledgeable and a successful tournament competitor.

One question that didn’t get asked due to time constraints was from a BTTF blog comment from Brad who made the seminar: “…how do i catch more 4 pounders?”

1) Be willing to fail – When pursuing big fish the hunt can be a lonely one. After hours of not hooking up the tendency is to bail out, go catch some two pounders and try again the next trip. It’s at this point you need to press on and be willing to go through the entire day without catching the bass you are looking for. What this does is eliminate presentations, spots and baits for the next trip out. I liken this to pre-fishing for a tournament. It’s gotten to the point where I think a bad pre-fish does me more good than one where I’m hooking up no matter what I do. I learn more and am more prepared with the former than the latter.

2) Use only big fish baits – Every bait is a big fish bait if you listen only to the marketing hype but you know which baits have produced for you before so stick with those. You can also find out about which Xtreme Bass Tackle baits are researched and proven big fish baits through my books and staying in touch with my blogs and websites.

3) Fish only big fish spots – This too is somewhat subjective but if you are fishing Lake St. Clair, I have over a decade of research which outlines spots that are uniquely geared for big fish. Take every big fish you catch, even if by accident and log all the information you can about the spot, weather and water conditions, the bait and style of bait, season and time of day and what other fish were caught in the same area. Focus on each big fish this way and patterns, your own patterns, will start to become clear.

Thank you all for a great show! Wayne

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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