Great questions about data and baits

Nothing like rolling out the best fishing information available to date and someone in the room asks for more detail yet. What a lot of folks probably don’t know is that I like to go to seminars too and questions of that nature keep me coming back for more. What I laid out was the spot, the quality of fish caught on the spot and what time of day and the bait. That’s exact location, quality of the bass (in this case – tournament quality), it was in the afternoon and the bait was a spinnerbait. The question was, “How long did it take to catch the bass?” My answer, “If you are an information customer, and those of you in the room who have been know this to be true, I have never denied anyone more detail about one of my products if they’ve asked for it.” In this case the product we were talking about was the new Marked Maps Live! chart with live information from myself and the staff as we cover the Lake for work, sport or relaxation.

The other information product, would be one source of exactly the kind of information that my new friend at the seminar was looking for. With respect to the Marked Maps Live! product he was referring to my answer stands and he would be welcome to follow up with an email or phone call to clarify the data however this is the type of data that is routinely put into For example: “This sand flat is so vast that these depressions tend to hold and on this day we had to work hard for one 2 lb. smallie and one short fish.” This is a live information excerpt from one record (report) from the new website. This same report contains over six more pieces of data for clarification that relate to the text above.

The next surprise came after I had detailed how I design baits based on my research. I also told the story about how back in 1999 and 2000 I was giving tubes with purple flake away to smallmouth anglers who grudgingly took the FREE samples and said, “Purple is a largemouth color.” The question was, “What research went into the design of Canadian Mist?” I’ve been doing seminars dedicated to bait design for years and this was a first. My answer was, “This was a tube from a distributor who was unreliable so I went direct to the factory.” To clarify, at the time this happened it was customary to go through a different distributor for this particular bait and that relationship stands to this day. What was the research? Smallies love purple, I knew it and pushed the concept hard to anybody who would listen. My how things have changed.

See everyone today at 5pm.

(c) 2010 Wayne Carpenter

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