First two seminars in the can so what’s next for Fri, Sat, Sun?

If you’ve attended my seminars in the past you would likely know that every presentation was different than the last. Not just how the seminar was presented but the content too. This time around there is a real need to get the message out about two new internet based products, and the new Marked Maps Live! Current customers benefit because the sites tie into my other information products they already own: Combat Fishing Newsletters, No Secrets on Lake St. Clair 1 & 2, Smallmouth Confidential, Marked Map Series 1 & 2 and Electronic Guide Service downloads. The benefit of combining those products with both the live and historical information presented on the websites is a powerful tool to have and this round of seminars is a fast way to bring that together. For the new folks, they are being exposed to an information technology of a kind they have never seen before. It’s not exactly like seeing the latest movie with cutting edge graphics technology but close; you don’t have to pay for the seminar and what you see and experience can be applied to the real world for real results. Even better!

My thanks to the folks who worked through the first seminar with me. It was very difficult to do a presentation that flowed from one point to another with the WI-FI slowdowns. The second seminar at 8pm flowed smoothly with no WI-FI slowdowns at all, go figure? We did have a loss of signal at the beginning but after that it was clear sailing.

The next seminar is today, Friday at 4pm and we will have a couple of new additions in the way of underwater video that weren’t shown at the first two seminars and some closer looks at the Seaviewer underwater camera.

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