Set up and ready to go…well almost

Getting everything to come together at a single moment in time is a key skill to have for a show vendor who thrives on event driven preparation and sales. Magnify that exponentially when the product(s) you bring are based in leading edge technologies. The thrill of development gives way to the obstacles presented by the limits of existing technology which lead to a mind bending exercise in combining a myriad of small parts to create one unique whole. It’s the whole that you can see at the Xtreme Bass Tackle booth on opening day, Thursday, January 7th at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi Michigan.

While setting up the booth various friends and vendors would walk by and take a look at the new baits and the response, while always positive about the new products, has been taking a different tack then the tack taken by the musings of this designer. While I’m thinking that Mayfly wasn’t going to be as attractive as the tri-color laminate Muskegon Goby, the real world response was to pick up Mayfly and hold onto it, think about the potential then express a plan of action that put the bait right into the situation they felt it fit best. Having built the bait from scratch I have to say that’s my sentiment exactly but things don’t always go as planned so that was a good sign that Mayfly might compete well with Muskegon Goby for sales.

Some folks didn’t even get to either tube first but gravitated directly to the new creature/beaver bait, St. Clair Crayfish. The effect of the technology of the injection process on a bait which has always been a custom dipped, laminated design is stunning. Gone are all the hard lines and say hello to random features that make each bait unique, like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. Sounds a lot like what we might find in nature! I’m pleased that the color has held its integrity with the two-tone, laminated feel and the added flake dispersal is true to the original color.

There are no end to the reasons to favor the Muskegon Goby tube. The care and attention built into this design goes deeper than a blog posting can cover but it is oh so evident in the results. The TBF is fishing their State Championship on Muskegon Lake in 2009 and their booth is right across from mine so if you are signing up for the tournament, just turn around and purchase a bait that was custom designed to perform on that body of water.

If your interest goes deeper than bait design and performance then plan to be at the Bass To The Future seminar(s) on Stage C at 3pm and 8pm Thursday for a look into a world of bass fishing information like you have never seen before. Wayne

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