New Bait Designs by Xtreme Bass Tackle for 2010

The Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit is nearly upon us and it’s time to announce the new XBT baits for 2010:


Mayfly – The research was done for this design during the summer of 2009 with photographic and on-site observations being the main contributing factors to the resulting color scheme.  The bite on mayfly’s picks up around the time we see a species emerge which has more of a cream color with mottled brown and chartreuse highlights on the wings.  These features dominate the design but you will see characteristics from many of the different mayfly species which come both before and after the emergence of that one.  This is the first Natural Forage Technology design to incorporate a highlight for “wings.”


St. Clair Crayfish creature/beaver bait – The bite has not slowed down on the 2008 newly released color, St. Clair Crayfish, in a tube bait.  Not only has Mark Frickman established success with it but customers have across the board.  It shows by how many reorders there are and during the early summer this color sold out and an emergency batch had to be made up to keep up with the demand.  Now we have this proven color in a creature bait!  The color has also established itself as a crossover bait meaning it fishes equally strong for largemouth as it does for smallmouth.  The largemouth bite on this color hasn’t just been aggressive, they’ve crushed it with consistency.


Muskegon Goby – All of the background research of this bait was done by Cyrus Ruel through solid field work with photography and on-site observations.  This is the second bait produced in the tri-color laminate family which gave us some advantages when pulling the highlights and dominant colors together.  One new XBT feature in this bait is the use of white illusion pepper for the belly.  The blue hue offered by that base color matched what we saw in the real gobies perfectly.  The first time you see this bait in person you will clearly see the factory touch as well.  They use the highest quality plastic available which breathes life into the bait, especially when you see it in daylight conditions and especially when you see it in the water.


The effort put into getting these colors right is a stringent process which in some cases begins a year or more in advance of the release of the bait.  Another factor that cannot be ignored is the point-of-manufacturing attention given to even the smallest detail by Bob Dunlap of Reaper Products.  His experience with plastics, their effectiveness and manufacturing thereof spans decades.  He began the revolution in the high quality laminated tube baits and has seen this process through to what we have available to fish with today.  What bait designs will be pursued, collecting the research, deciding what the dominant colors and highlights will be represented and the initial design detail is on me but Bob finishes the process with both technical and artistic skill.  The results are indisputably state-of-the-art and on that point, both anglers and bass agree.

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You can buy them starting on Thursday at the Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit held at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, MI.  Get more details at:

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