Wayne’s World of Bass Tackle – Packaging Party Time

The annual “Packaging Party” was held today and as the dust settles around my keyboard it can be said that this was the best one ever.  The food was good and the fellowship even better and with the great friends and staff on deck you could have called this the “Regional Packaging Party” or even the “International Packaging Party.”  Yes, the statewide contingent was the strongest (Grand Rapids the farthest) and who’s to say who the best packager was but there’s no ignoring the fact that Toledo and Canada were well represented.

With custom bait shipments coming in just-in-time for the show the routine is to put as much bait into packages as possible, as quickly as possible so we are ready on Thursday at 2pm to see all the smiling faces cheating winter with warm thoughts of green grass, soft water and a hit at the end of the line.  Nothing is automatic with a small business as we are always looking for ways to make the process more efficient and the delivery system attractive to the buyer.  This year we extended the booth ten feet to accommodate the new information services and incorporate them with the old.  New lighting, extra power, what to do about ten more feet of carpeting and bringing the WI-FI internet alive in the booth are just a few new things to plan for.

Not only are the friends and staff expert packagers but they also deliver when it comes down to getting real information to each individual customer.  It never ceases to amaze me how I can build this business, write books, design baits and do seminars yet stand there in my own booth and listen to staff deliver information and knowledge about skills in ways I would have never thought of.  Beyond that, there is usually someone around that can fill in those gaps in knowledge about a certain presentation, body of water or bait when one of us gets a question that reaches past the ordinary.

Now that the bulk of the prep work is behind us, I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting everyone this year.  If it’s not at the booth then it’s at the seminar or in between but by Sunday that urge to go fishing again will not have abated one bit, in fact, it will be stronger than before and that’s way OK with me.

2 Responses to “Wayne’s World of Bass Tackle – Packaging Party Time”

  1. m.j. mcgrane Says:

    Packaging party completed
    With drop shot bags labeled
    Now on to the show
    Full line of baits in the stable!

  2. Wayne Carpenter Says:

    Yee Ha!

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