Now you can get in on the conversation about what’s hot at the Ultimate Fishing Show—Detroit through the forums at  You can find your topic of interest easily by viewing the forum listing, get into the topic and see the latest about seminars, tackle, food, rods, guides, outfitters and more.

Dan Kimmel has developed one of the top bass websites in the country where you can log on, post your comments or even post questions and test the knowledgeable and friendly community at GLB and it doesn’t stop there.  Check out the GLB blog, articles, conservation issues, videos, the GLB store  and connect with top quality advertisers and sponsors on the site.

The forum format is FREE to anyone who wants to sign up as a GLB member.  It’s not just about the show either.  You can visit all the other forums and participate, especially once the season fires up again.  There are forums on the Great Lakes, Products, tournament trails, inland waters, boats, club topics, conservation topics and much, much, more.

How much you would like to participate is entirely up to you.  After a while though the forums grow on you and tend to become part of a lifestyle of sharing with a community of anglers.  Then the only thing left is to place a face with the screen name when we see each other at the show or on the water.


  1. thecatsman Says:

    Sounds very cool….

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