For those of you who remember the seminar format I had around 2002-2003 well, it’s back! Back to a two screen format, back to underwater videos but this time around technology allows me to ditch the old slide projectors and put together a seamless presentation with live internet!

Did you like the Lake St. Clair Combat Fishing Weekly Newsletter? On January 7th, I’ll roll out http://www.fishingspotspecs.com which can get more data into your hands in one evening than a season worth of CF newsletters. Get the first look at this breakthrough information product and get first hand instruction on how to get the most out of it.

Are you a Marked Maps customer or are you planning to be? Brace yourself for yet another internet product in Marked Maps Live! During the season the site is updated regularly with reports from myself and my staff as we visit spots on the Marked Maps and relay the latest in hard data about our catch. See this website work in real time and how it can help you plan for the best day you can have on the big water.

And there’s more…

3D micro charts are here through http://www.electronicguideservice.com. As part of the research for EGS downloadable spot reports I’ll add in some time to chart the area with sonar to create a 3D color chart of the spot. Now you can see specifics about the spot which may never be covered through even the most advanced charts available today. I’ll walk through what EGS has to offer in spots and how to access this information before hitting the water.

See how Lowrance sonar logs can be viewed through their FREE download product, SonarViewer. I’ll cover techniques I’ve learned from working with these logs and how to extract the most relevant information from them. Combine this technology with the Seaviewer Underwater Camera and the real story about a spot and the surrounding structure can be told like never before.

Every map made, either on paper or electronic media has strong points so combining information from multiple map sources can be a real advantage. We’ll cover how http://www.marinecruiser.com gives you instant internet access to the NOAA charts in a combined hi res/low res format to help you plan a successful fishing day.

Finally, how to make all these technologies work together for you!

This is the type of event you might want to take in more than once so I have included the seminar schedule and look forward to working together with you to make 2010 the best fishing season you can have.

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