Primer for 2010 XBT new bait products

Just before the Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit ( I will announce the names of the new Xtreme Bass Tackle baits for 2010 but there are still a few things to know now about their design and how they fit into the XBT lineup.

Each year I roll out the new bait designs at the first major fishing show of the season, the Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit.  There is a lot of pressure in the industry to come up with new products for a sophisticated market of tournament anglers so what inevitably happens is that companies who won’t put in the research time to build a product like my premium laminated tubes will copy a design like mine and call it their own.  The marketing strategy I employ to counter this is to get my baits out into the market first with my label and establish that yes, this product follows my research and I stake my claim to its development and my reputation to its results. Since the actual methods used to build out these baits are industry standard there really isn’t an opportunity for making a patent application or even copyright the process.  I do trademark unique names which does help me to develop a line of products over the long haul with strong name recognition.

One other consideration in developing new baits is how they fit into the overall product line when taken from an anglers perspective.  My first custom laminated design was St. Clair Goby(tm) which established itself instantly in the early season then continued strong through the rest of the season with a reorder going out almost every day during the summer months.  It was a good start but what to do next?  With this momentum behind me the next step was to build two more custom laminates with stronger colors, Firetiger and Great Lakes Craw(tm).  They too took off both in sales at the shows and subsequent orders across the season.  All three of these baits are a staple in my inventory today.

Since then I have put forth many designs that either “match the hatch” or were developed based on results in the field with no regard whatsoever as to their place in the natural environment except that they worked, and worked well.  Lately though, the field research I do has led me to some inescapable conclusions which in turn have become rolled up into a design concept based on years of proven results: Natural Forage Technology(tm).  This is the answer to the perennial question at the fishing shows, “So how does this new bait do on the water?”  Each new design is the result of all of my research and not just a whimsical stab at a new color that will sell with no regard as to its effectiveness.  With NFT the question isn’t if the bait will work, the question is “where and when does this bait work best.”  The answer to that we truly won’t know until it hits the water in the early season then the real hard information comes in when the summer bite period sets in.  What I can tell you for sure is that the bait fills what I see as a gap in my product line be it in forage classification, dominant color, highlight color or bait style.

This year is no different.  There are two new laminated tube designs and one that falls into the bait style category.  You can catch them at my booth at the Ultimate Fishing Show – Detroit and even get the inside scoop on their development at the Bass To The Future seminar (see the seminar schedule under BTTF Seminar Blogs).  I look forward to seeing everyone then.

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