Newly published article on Xtreme Bass Tackle baits plus XBT history

A special thanks goes out to Andrew Buss from the R&B Bass Circuit in Indiana for writing and publishing an article about Xtreme Bass Tackle baits on his website.  Andy puts in the hard work it takes to get things right and build out a well rounded article which includes interviews with Bob Mann Sr. from Canada and Mark Frickman from Grand Ledge, MI.  One thing that makes this article interesting and unique is Andy’s style of writing which digs down into the heart of an issue and brings it to the surface for the reader to enjoy.  It’s refreshing to take in a piece of genuine reporting instead of the usual promotional fluff that circulates around.

To be fair with full disclosure XBT is sponsoring the R&B Bass Circuit in 2010 with great enthusiasm.  Andy has proved himself a solid representative of the circuit through timely follow ups, adhering to a core philosophy that puts his anglers first while he puts in the hard work year round to make the circuit as successful as it can be.

Below is a link to the article.  At this time it views best in Internet Explorer.

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